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Welcome to Salanti

Based in Buckinghamshire, UK, we are a family-owned baking business, cooking traditional Ossetian pies from our home kitchen in Beaconsfield. It has been a dream of ours for years to bring the taste of our home region of Ossetia to the UK, so we are delighted to bring centuries of culinary excellence and traditional baking methods to the English plate.

Starting off our venture here in Beaconsfield, in a market town with 800 years of history in itself, makes it even more symbolic and very insPIErational! Thankfully, we are also able to deliver to a wide range of postcodes in the surrounding areas, as well as offering collection so that anyone, anywhere, can try our delicious pies.

UK, London, Ossetian Pies

Be insPIEred

  • We only use natural products and fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
  • Our Ossetian pies are nutritious, filling and rich with carbohydrates.
  • All our pies are hand-made, baked to order and sold warm or hot.
  • Both meat and vegetarian options are available.

What People Say

When we tried the pies, we thought they were so delicious and filling that we bought a couple for the team of tree surgeons who were working for us. They went down a treat! All the boys said they'd work for us again if we could promise them another Ossetian pie lunch!

Jane Marchant

Thank you again for both pies. The apple pie was delicious too and we will definitely order it in the future.


Wow! The Salanti pies are delicious! Thank you! Kids really loved the Kartofdjin. I really like the Tsakharadjin too!


I have tried it and it works a treat! Shame rarely are any leftovers spare for the morninig:-)


My children adore the cheese pie! It is super delicious!


Delicious pie! Thank you! It's big enough to feed an army so we'll be enjoying it tomorrow.


Thank you Zarina! The pies are great! I am not a big cheese fun but the one with beetroot leaves and cheese is something to remember! I also love Kartofdjin!


The pies were delicious. Everybody loved them. You can wait for some more orders from my friends and myself for next month. Thank you very much again for the taste of tradition.


Hi Zarina, your food was well received by 5 other households whose ages ranged from 16 months to over 70 years. Everyone, including ourselves, liked everything, particularly the beetroot tops and cheese pie. I will happily pass on your details to those who ask.