Ossetian pie with beet tops and cheese

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This pie is very special and rated as a real gastronomical jewel of Ossetian cuisine! Creamy feta-like cheese, thinly chopped beetroot tops (or chard as a seasonal alternative) and a well balanced combination of fresh herbs are wonderfully mixed up to form this irresistible, exotic and silky-smooth pie. A real treat for vegetarians and a popular choice among food connoisseurs! And after enjoying a couple of slices you may well be able to pronounce its name!

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Flour, Milk, Water, Yeast, Salt, Sugar, Vegetable oil, Beet Tops or Rainbow chard, Spring onions, Dill, Cow cheese, Butter


Gluten, Wheat, Barley, Milk


Large: over 1000g
Small: over 500g

Storage, Consumption and Reheat Advice

Best consumed with meat or vegetable dishes or just with light fresh vegetable salads. If not consumed immediately, please store in the fridge. Ossetian pies can be reheated – place a slice on an oil-free frying pan and warm it up on a very low heat until both sides get slightly crispy. You can apply some butter on top.